How to Run Facebook Ads For Local And Online Business For A Fee Or Commission

How to Run Facebook Ads For Local And Online Businesses For A Fee Or Commission

Facebook has a highly targeted platform for advert. Attempts to use it for adverts have crushed the dreams and wallets of entrepreneurs for years.

By learning how to use the Facebook ad system, you can set up and manage profitable campaigns to assist local and online business owners to capture leads and grow their business.

All you need is a Facebook account, a Computer, an internet connection, and a working knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager.

I believe mastering FB Ads is one of the most versatile skill anyone can pick up today.

What’s the biggest problem a business can face? Lack of customers!

So if you can be the person who brings them customers, you can charge them for it.

So you bring them customers, they bring you money. Simple formula.

Everything is an exchange of values.

Reasons Why People Use Facebook Ads

There are over 2 billion active daily users on Facebook.

▪ Facebook uses powerful Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology to help you find qualified leads, based on their interests, demographics, and online activity.

▪ It’s inexpensive. With 5 dollars, you can pretty much put up an ad on Facebook already. Plus, you get to advertise your product or service and build a list, all in one place, because that’s where your customers are hanging out.

▪ You get to put ads on both Facebook and Instagram! Instagram is growing in popularity with more than a billion users today, and together with Facebook, that’s a combined number of 3 billion people you can potentially reach out to.

▪ So, whether you’ve lost money, or find it difficult to master – trust me, it’s worth the hassle to learn this skill.

That is why we are sharing with you, the FB Traffic Hack Course by Art of Marketing Academy.

This course has been divided into short videos to make your learning experience delightful.

Video 1 – Welcome

Video 2 – Why Facebook

Video 3 – Free Traffic – Viral Content

Video 4 – Free Traffic – FB Groups

Video 5 – Free Traffic – Free Images
Video 6 – Free Traffic – FB Badges

Video 7 – FB Ads – Why

Video 8 – FB Ads – Your Goal

Video 9 – FB Ads – Types of Ads

Video 10 – FB Ads – Right Side vs News Feed

Video 11 – FB Ads – Bidding
Video 12 – FB Ads – Budgeting

Video 13 – FB Ads – Laser Targeted Traffic

Video 14 – FB Ads – Penny Clicks

Video 15 – FB Ads – The Perfect Ad

Video 16 – FB Ads – Getting Your Ads Approved

Video 17 – FB Ads – FB Sales Funnels
Video 18 – FB Ads – Retargeting

Video 19 – Thank You

FB Traffic Hack Bonus Videos

Bonus Video 1 – Audience Insights

Bonus Video 2 – Conversion Tracking

Bonus Video 3 – Lookalike Audiences

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Also Introducing a complete package of a proven signature high-ticket Course designed for everyone, even absolute beginners.

Here you’re going to learn the fundamentals you need to succeed with Facebook ads, all before you spend your first dollar/naira

The course is called: FB Ad Secrets Video Training Program

You have the opportunity to pick this up either for yourself or to assist other businesses run Facebook ads for a fee or for commission on sales.

What makes this FB Ads course unique is because it has been created by a Facebook Ads expert. This is his personal “Signature Course.

You get step-by-step, on-screen videos which is the heart and core of this course. Running over 2 hours and designed for absolute beginners, the training videos show how anyone can start advertising on Facebook.

Straight-to-the-point tutorials promote easy-to-follow, actionable steps as you go through each video.

Here’s a breakdown of the videos covered in this course:

01 – How To Create a FB Business Account

02 – How To Create  an Ad Account

03 – How To Add Payment Method

04 – How To Edit Business Settings

05 – How To Add FB Page Or Create FB Page

06 – Ads Manager Column Setup [Lead Gen]

07 – Ads Manager Column Setup [Purchase E-Commerce]

08 – How To Create FB Pixel

09 – How To Add FB Pixel On WordPress

10 – How To Add Lead Event Code On Page

11 – Installing The FB Pixel Helper

12 – How To Write Your Ad Creatives

13 – How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation

14 – Understanding Campaign and Ad Objectives

15 – Using Built-In Video Maker In Ads Manager

16 – Simple Split Test Campaign

Total running time: 2 hours 8 minutes 37 seconds

You will get instant access to this Training Program which will enable you to take immediate action and learn how to do your own FB marketing.

With this new set of skills, you are also about to do it for other businesses within your vicinity or network for a fee or commission on any sales the ads bring in.

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